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2021 New Wine Conference
11 Sep 2021

This annual conference is for parishes to be the ‘fresh wineskins’ – pliable, open and ready to receive the ‘new […]

  • Coming Soon
2021 Mission Rally
02 Oct 2021

The Church exists for mission. At this event, hear the rally call to take up the mission that Jesus Christ […]

  • Coming Soon
2021 Watchmen Retreat
04 Nov 2021 - 08 Nov 2021

A five-day retreat to learn how to be watchful until the Lord returns and being alert to the dangers to […]

  • Coming Soon
2021 New Evangelisation Conference
24 Jul 2021

In this world and age, what does it mean to be Catholic? How can we live in holiness when the […]

  • Completed
2021 Labourers in the Vineyard Retreat
05 Aug 2021 - 09 Aug 2021

The Labourers in the Vineyard Retreat is an invitation to discover who we are in the eyes of God our […]

  • Cancelled