2024 New Wine Parish Conference

Friday, 12 April 2024 - Saturday, 13 April 2024

The WELCOMEUnlocking Heartfelt Hospitality in Your Parish

Everyone desires to find a place where they can feel welcomed and belonged. The parish as the gathering of God’s family should be such a place. However, the reality is that our lived experience of welcome sometimes falls short. The love of Christ through the community is not always felt, leaving us to wonder what being part of God’s family is really like.

So how can our parishes be more welcoming? And if we are all part of the church and God’s family, how can each one of us play our part to intentionally extend warmth and welcome to friends and strangers alike?

Join us as we seek to answer these questions and gain insights from our Conference speakers, so we can unlock heartfelt hospitality and be the welcome for others.

12 Apr (Fri) – 7.30pm to 9.30pm
13 Apr (Sat) – 9.30am to 4.00pm

618 Upper Bukit Timah Rd
St Francis Xavier Seminary Building
Singapore 678214

Conference Fee (inclusive of GST and lunch):
S$28 (Individual)
S$88 (Group of 4)*


Who should attend this Conference?
The New Wine Parish Conference is for all who have a heart for serving the parish. Whether you are part of the parish team, or serving in a ministry, or leading a small Christian community or a parish group; whether you have been serving in the parish for decades or just getting started – we invite you to join us.
Why should I attend this Conference?
As the Universal Church, we are called to extend a warm and inclusive welcome to all who visit our parishes. While we can't guarantee that everyone will always leave with a good feeling, we all desire to create an environment where everyone feels welcomed and belonged. Through this Conference, we hope to provide you with practical insights and strategies on how we can become more intentional in our hospitality, extending our welcome to all, friends and strangers alike, and how you can inspire change back in your parish and be a part of the Welcome.
I am not able to make it for one of the days / part of the programme. Should I still attend?
Spanning an evening and a full day, the Conference aims to provide a concise yet deep experience, with topics and sessions building on top of each other. The sessions on the evening of 12 April will provide a good foundation and lead up to the full day conference sessions on 13 April, where we will dive into different topics. Hence, we do encourage your full attendance.
Should I invite my other ministry/parish group members to join me?
Yes! Your Conference experience will be enhanced if you attend it with your ministry or parish group. Learning something together and sharing a common experience will go a long way in multiplying the insights gained and generate momentum to start taking small steps to make positive changes in your parish. We encourage you to sign up as a group of 4 to enjoy our special group rate.
What will the Conference fee include?
The Conference fee will include admission to all the conference sessions on 12 April and 13 April, and lunch on 13 April. The conference fee is inclusive of GST.
What if I am not able to make it, can I receive a refund?
Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds. Your registration however is transferable! So invite a friend or parish group member to take your place for the conference. Please inform us at enquiries.one@catholic.org.sg with the details of your replacement.


Fr. Adrian Danker, SJ
The Heart of Hospitality

Fr. Michael D’Cruz, OFM

Friar Michael joined the Franciscan Friars in 1990 and took his solemn vows in 1995. He was ordained a priest in 1997 but was never posted to a parish until 2020 when he became the Parish Priest of the Church of Saint Mary of the Angels in Bukit Batok, Singapore.

Motivated to ensure the parish remains connected with the parishioners, Friar Mike is known for his enigmatic leadership and immediate response to the pandemic by going digital, taking St Mary’s online with the Daily Liturgy of the Word videos and Weekly Masses, working closely with the Franciscan Friars & the Digital Ministry.

The Welcoming Parish

In this session, Friar Michael will offer a narrative of the transformative journey undertaken by the Church of St Mary of the Angels to redefine and amplify its ethos of hospitality in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Through engaging anecdotes and practical insights, Friar Michael will illuminate the challenges faced by many parishes during the pandemic, where stringent hygiene and safe distance policies inadvertently created an atmosphere akin to security checkpoints rather than places of worship and welcome.

Attendees will gain invaluable lessons from the parish of St. Mary’s recalibration process, discovering innovative strategies for fostering genuine connections, warmth, and inclusivity within their own parish communities.
By embracing a holistic approach to hospitality that transcends physical barriers, Friar Michael will inspire attendees to reimagine and elevate the welcoming spirit of their parishes, ensuring that all who enter feel embraced, valued, and spiritually nourished.

Fr. Terence Pereira
Sacramental Touchpoints: From Womb to Tomb

Lawrence Chong

Lawrence Chong, a global change-by-design strategist and CEO of Consulus, brings over two decades of experience in fostering transfiguration for an economy of communion.

As a collaborator with the Office for the New Evangelisation (ONE), he champions the Pastoral Conversion of the Parish Initiative, driven by his transformative encounter with the Gospel through the Focolare during his youth. With a passion for serving the global Church, Lawrence’s work extends to Catholic universities and non-profit institutions worldwide.

A sought-after Catholic speaker, he addresses global conferences and facilitates interreligious dialogue, culminating in his 2020 appointment by Pope Francis as Consultor in the Dicastery for Interreligious Dialogue. Lawrence’s dedication to holistic transformation continues to inspire and shape communities across continents.

Hotel or Home: A Study of SG Parishes and their Evangelisation Impact

In this session, Lawrence will present a study commissioned by ONE that began from 2021 until 2023 and covered five parishes across different districts and their current state of influence in the communities where they serve.

Guided by the principles laid out in the Instruction on the Pastoral Conversion of the Parishes in 2021 by Rome, the study that was further distilled into recommendations for parish transformation saw the participation of 5,000 Catholics and parish leaders.

This presentation will share insights from that study on the impact of the current parish model and the kind of shifts needed to shape hospitable parishes relevant to 21st-century Singapore.

Marian Koh

As a dedicated advocate for human development, Marian Koh specialises in fostering relationships and nurturing a positive organisational culture through a purpose-driven approach. In her professional capacity, she finds fulfillment in establishing meaningful connections and empowering individuals to achieve their goals.

Marian’s involvement in parish ministry as a Lector, coupled with her contributions to the Parish Pastoral Council and Executive Committee, has profoundly influenced her Catholic faith journey. Committed to discipleship and active participation in the Church community at the Parish of St. Michael, Marian fosters hospitality and inclusivity as a member of the parish team.

Grateful for God’s guidance, she approaches life with humility, curiosity, and a sense of humour, recognising her ongoing journey of growth and service.

Charting the Course for Parish Hospitality

In this session, Marian will offer insights gleaned from her personal journey of charting and fostering change for whole-parish hospitality. Through her sharing of ups and downs and challenges, attendees will gain practical strategies and inspiration for cultivating a culture of warmth and inclusivity within their own parishes. The session aims to empower leaders to embrace the transformative power of Christian hospitality as a means to deepen community engagement and spiritual growth.

Nicholas Gabriel Lim

Nicholas Gabriel Lim, a registered psychologist, has over 20 years of experience working with young people and their families. He serves on the board of several psychological intervention centers in Singapore, where he offers strategic guidance for their clinical operations.

Co-founder of the Youth Work Association (Singapore), Nicholas mentors young psychologists and authors books on adolescent development. Grounded in neuroscience, his practice spans public, private, and people sectors, advising government councils on youth-related issues.

With degrees in Psychology and a Juris Doctor, Nicholas uniquely combines mental health and legal expertise. He offers specialised interventions for youth in legal trouble. Outside work, he enjoys reading and fitness, and serves actively at the Church of St Mary of the Angels with his wife and three children.

Insights for Intergenerational Welcome

In this session, Nick will delve into the nuanced aspects of offering hospitality to parishioners across all age groups, with a specific emphasis on youth and young adults who represent the largest demographic leaving the church. Drawing from neuroscience and psychological theories, he will explain how attendees may create a welcoming environment that could resonate with younger generations. The session aims to inspire attendees to foster authentic connections and bridge generational divides, where individuals may feel valued and hopefully, feel equipped to help each other feel belonged and more welcome in their parishes.

Christine Wong

With a passion for social services, Christine Wong engages in consultancy and volunteer work. With 35 years dedicated to mental health and crisis intervention, she values the resilience of those facing adversity. Her journey has instilled a deep appreciation for life’s blessings and a steadfast faith in God. Inspired by the individuals she supported, Christine remains committed to compassion and love in her interactions. She invites others to join her in being a beacon of light and hope for the community, reflecting her enduring dedication to serving others in their times of need.

Mental Health Matters

In this session, Christine will shed light on the prevalence of mental health issues and suicide statistics in the community. She will share research that indicates that many turn to their faith-based communities for support and how as parishioners, we can act as informal first responders to offer loving support, a crucial step in suicide prevention. Through sharing true stories, personal anecdotes, evidence-based prevention and intervention, Christine will be sharing practical strategies and resources to support these individuals as good “Samaritans” and keeping God’s command to “Love your neighbour as yourself.”

Jenny Lim

Jenny Lim embarked on her professional journey as an educator specialising in special education after earning her Bachelor of Science from the National University of Singapore in 1988. Her focus on and unwavering interest in supporting students with special needs led her to pursue additional education, including a Disability Studies Diploma from the Social Service Institute (Singapore) and a Master’s in Health Sciences from the University of Sydney.

Jenny has held various roles throughout her tenure at SPED schools, collaborating with families and external partners on community projects. Since 2018, she has been involved in catechetical sessions at Nativity Church, integrating children with special needs.

In 2021, she assumed the role of manager for special needs catechesis, aiming to promote inclusive programs across parishes. Her dedication stems from the inspiration drawn from the children, families, and colleagues, fostering a community of support.

Supporting People with Special Needs

In this session, Jenny will delve into the importance of creating inclusive environments within parish communities, particularly for individuals with special needs and their families. She will share insights on how parishes can better prepare and adapt catechesis and Sunday Mass to accommodate the unique needs of children with special needs and their families. Through practical examples and heartfelt anecdotes, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by individuals with special needs within the church setting and learn tangible strategies for fostering greater inclusivity, understanding, and support within their own parishes. The session aims to inspire attendees to embrace a culture of compassion and accessibility, ensuring that all members of the parish community feel valued, welcomed, and fully included in the life of the Church.


Teresa Long

Teresa is a devoted wife and mother to two young adult children, deeply rooted in her humble Catholic upbringing. Inspired by the unwavering faith of the Blessed Mother Mary, she has served as a Catechist for 10 years and currently leads as the NCC facilitator at Edelweiss Park with the Church of the Divine Mercy.

Teresa advocates for Neighbourhood Christian Communities, believing they provide a platform to manifest faith into action. With a heart for service, she extends compassion to the elderly and sick, as well as empowers children through education initiatives. Currently pursuing an MBA in Educational Leadership, Teresa continues her journey of enriching lives through faith, love, and education.

Hospitality Beyond the Pew

In this session, attendees will explore innovative ways to extend the spirit of hospitality and outreach beyond the confines of the parish walls through Neighborhood Christian Communities (NCCs). Teresa will delve into the intersection of Christian values of hospitality and faith with the daily lives of neighbors and families living in close proximity. Drawing from personal experiences and successful community-building initiatives, attendees will gain practical insights and actionable strategies for fostering meaningful connections, creating a sense of belonging, and engaging in authentic outreach within their neighborhoods. By integrating Christian principles of love, compassion, and service into everyday interactions, attendees will be inspired to cultivate vibrant NCCs that serve as beacons of faith, hope, and solidarity within their local communities, thereby enriching the broader tapestry of the Church’s mission and welcome.

Patrick Tan

Patrick Tan is a digital agile coach, helping organisations become highly effective, leveraging proven frameworks to grow and scale. A polymath by nature, he uses his cross-industry experience as a digital media producer, marketer and business agility coach to help the parish of St Mary’s transform and evangelise to the world.

He is the founding member of the Franciscan Digital Ministry and leads the Digital & Communications team at St Mary’s, supported by hundreds of volunteers to serve the community online and in person.

Welcoming in the Digital Age

In this session, attendees will embark on a transformative journey to explore innovative approaches for extending hospitality and communication in the modern era. Patrick will unveil strategies to revitalise and expand the concept of hospitality within the parish community by leveraging digital platforms and technologies.

Learn how a parish rolls out a Digital Welcome by mastering how to Communicate, to Collaborate and build Community in a digital space locally & around the world, and how this has benefited the engagement with the physical parish community as well.

By embracing the opportunities afforded by the digital age, attendees will be equipped to cultivate inclusive, engaging online spaces that reflect the core values of hospitality, inclusivity, and connectedness, thereby enriching the spiritual journey of all parishioners in today’s interconnected world.

Alfred Pang

Alfred Pang has a PhD in Theology and Education from Boston College. He lectures and researches in spirituality, ethics and leadership in education. A teacher, retreat facilitator and speaker at various theology conferences, Alfred is engaged on matters of adult faith formation and pastoral care in church.

Gracious Spaciousness

What are the movements of the Spirit in our hearts that call us to become a welcoming church? This session closes the conference by inviting us to reflect on this question together, with a view of Christian hospitality as a spiritual practice that makes space to welcome the other as neighbour. It invites us to contemplate on how a discipleship of welcome ultimately gathers and draws us home to encounter God together as gracious spaciousness in Christ.